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Week 9 Day 57 - at the Dig Tree - 1600km (Thanks Theo for updating our post when we had no mobile co

DIG- we Dug sparkling mineral water & ginger, our favourites. Thank you Di & Jack for the fabulous surprise.

Congratulations Phil and Susan!

Congratulations on making it to the historically significant Dig Tree beside Cooper Creek , and on the anniversary of Burke and Wills death in 1861.

A real milestone in terms of distance travelled - almost exactly half way from Melbourne to Karumba.

Phil and Susan at the Dig Tree on the banks of Bullah Bullah Waterhole. Nappa Merrie station, Durham QLD

We were met by our new friends Monique & Chris who we met on the road one evening and they kindly invited us to share a meal in their camper trailer, we spent a couple of lovely days with them at the Dig Tree - sharing a meal (Chris behind the camera!)

Phil and Susan sharing a meal with Jack and Di

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