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Week 14 Day 98 Aug 11th Mt Isa Rodeo - detour

Mt Isa Rodeo, lots of action, lots of fun.

Phil with Derek Barry from the North West Star contacted us, having heard Phil’s radio interview with Sarah McIntyre on Mt Isa ABC, met him at the Rodeo for an article for his newspaper. Derek is a fine Irishman just like Robert O’Hara Burke! He also has a keen interest in the Burke & Wills story.

Phil on the road, if you look closely!

The band & the big screen above.

Us in the evening a few nights ago at our campsite, we had just made camp, the sun was going down, Phil had made our campfire & I was about to start cooking on the hot coals under the Southern Cross & the Milky Way - what a life, we are loving it.

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